Education mission

‘Rostec’ promotes education, science and production integration


The corporation aims to solve the problem of engineers and workmen’s shortage in industrial sector strategic for Russia.

Professional shortage

It’s a common truth that lately Russia has been severely lacking high quality professionals. One of the most serious consequences of the 1990s reforming was the solution of continuity in some labouring professions. The young lost their interest in that kind of employment. As a result Russian industry sustained great losses: the production rate came crashing down 2.2 times. The 2000s continued the trend but at a slower pace. And in the beginning of the century when the procurement orders started to grow Russian industry faced the professional shortage problem.

By 2008, when the industrial production reached the 85% level of the year 1989, it became obvious that the country has severe technical and technological underdevelopment. Miller, worker, locksmith, engineer, designer and electrician became deficit. For a while the industry managed to bring back the specialists that left their field due to some reasons. However, currently the reserve is almost exhausted.

Re-education and advanced professional training

Nowadays ‘Rostec’ is directly involved in high qualified professionals’ training for its team and gives special attention to the specialist education, re-education and advanced professional training.

Higher education establishments’ cooperation

The corporation collaborates with leading Russian higher education establishments in order to work out mutual educational programmes and incentive system for young specialists. Currently ‘Rostec’ cooperate with 214 higher education establishments, implement specialist target preparation and promote science and technology cooperation and conduct joint researches. 258 departments were created to implement 382 higher education establishment programmes.

The corporation collaborates with 50 vocationals in different regions of the country.

Education projects financing

The corporation is one of the major education investors among all the state companies. It was multiply honoured by the Union of Russian Rectors for the consistency and efficiency of higher education establishment collaboration, internships arranging and student professional adaptation. 11 ‘Rostec’ companies won the open Ministry of Education and Science open contest on subsidies for high technology production projects implementing. The corporation in cooperation with Engineering Workers Guild is actively setting up the specialist training system.

The corporation works out educational scholarships for the best students in defence-industry sector.

Education, science and production integration

Higher education establishment cooperation concerning creation and enhancing of target contract training is one of the corporation strategic lines in order to integrate the capabilities of science, education and production for the industry to benefit.