Security Technologies

The holding company unites the security organizations of Rostec Corporation






Company history

On January 15, 2013, the Board of Rostec Corporation resolved to establish Security Technologies, which submitted its official state registration on April 19 of that year.

The holding today

To date, the holding company includes the managing company Security Technologies, Rostec’s security enterprise RT-Guard, CJSC and Rostec’s fire safety enterprise RT-Fire Safety, CJSC. Rostec Corporation owns 100% of the shares of the holding. CEO Vladimir Kapysh oversees the management of Security Technologies.

Main activities

The main purpose of Security Technologies is the management of the holding’s financial-industrial groups and subsidiaries, as well as the organization of corporate governance among the security organizations of Rostec Corporation. This includes overseeing all physical and fire protection, as well as the design, modernization, implementation, and maintenance of technical means for physical protection and fire safety, as well as other security features.


Currently, work is underway to establish a network structure of private security organizations.