National Immunobiological Company

A pharmaceutical holding for the development and production of immunobiological drugs






Website: http://nacimbio.ru/

National Immunobiological Company (NIC) is a holding company that focuses on the development, production, and delivery of immunobiological medicine to customers to help protect the population of the Russian Federation against various infectious pathogens. The head of the company is Nikolay Sergeyevich Semenov.

History of the company’s development

Globally, difficult epidemic situations as well as the rapid development of biology and genetic engineering have underscored the need for pervasive solutions in the development of a national system for responding to biological threats.

National Immunobiological Company, OJSC was formed on October 29, 2013, with the aim of creating an integrated structure holding company within the State Corporation Russian Technologies that would focus on the development and production of immunobiological products.

Creating the holding company was an integral part of a public policy that provides a comprehensive approach to solving problems related to biosafety and sanitary/epidemiological health, in addition to ensuring the sovereignty of Russia in the production and supply of medicine.


The main achievements of National Immunobiological Company in 2014 includes:

- Revenue: 3.1 billion rubles;

- Net profit: 30 million rubles;

- More than 5,000 employees.

On June 17, 2015, the Russian Federal Government named National Immunobiological Company the sole domestic supplier of immunobiological drugs that the Russian Ministry of Health may purchase for the purpose of preventative vaccinations included in the national calendar of preventive vaccinations for 2015-2017.

National Immunobiological Company includes nine subsidiaries and affiliates, such as Microgen, one of Russia’s key manufacturers of immunobiological drugs.