National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio)

A pharmaceutical holding for the development and production of immunobiological drugs





A holding company, that develops and manufactures vital medicinal products and classes of medical products, was founded on October 29, 2013.

The company was established to secure the Russian Federation’s sovereignty in manufacture and supply of essential medicinal products, primarily, immunobiological preparations. Nacimbio is to eliminate import dependency of this segment and secure sustainable development of the country’s pharmaceutical industry by means of the market participants’ collaboration. 100% of the company's shares is owned
by Rostec State Corporation.

Nacimbio Board of Directors includes representatives of RF Ministry of Healthcare, Rostec State Corporation and independent directors.

The company is headed by Zagorskiy Andrey.

Nacimbio Strategy

The holding's mission is to ensure national  sovereignty in manufacture and supply of medicinal products, medical supply that are not manufactured domestically, as the absence of their production poses a threat to the national healthcare security.

So, the development strategy of the company provides for the production in Russia by 2025 of vaccines to cover 100% of the national demand in the context of the National Calendar of Prophylactic Immunization (NCPI) and blood plasma factors in physical terms, up to 80% of TB drugs, as well as 20% of HIV and hepatitis B&C drugs.

Strategic goals of Nacimbio:

  • in-house development of medicinal products
  • upgrading the available production infrastructure
  • production technologies transfer to the Russian Federation
  • launch of the factory to manufacture plasma-derived products in Kirov
  • establishing the National centre for standardization and metrology of pharmacopoeia analysis
  • establishing national  cold chain logistics
  • organization of full-cycle drug production

The tasks of Nacimbio in the field of medicinal products and medical supply manufacture

  • Import substitution, satisfying the demand of the healthcare system for essential and socially significant drugs
  • Organization and localization of full-cycle drug production in the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Securing the technology transfer required to expand the spectrum of  manufactured drugs

Nacimbio Target Segments

  • Vaccines for infectious diseases
  • Plasma blood products
  • HIV and chronic viral hepatitis drugs
  • TB drugs

Nacimbio’s Manufacturing Assets

  • NPO Microgen (the leading manufacturer of vaccines and immunobiological drugs in Russia)
  • JSC Sintez (one of the largest companies of Russia’s pharmaceutical industry that manufactures a wide spectrum of products)
  • LLC FORT (state-of-the-art production of immunobiological products meeting current GMP quality standards)

Nacimbio Product Portfolio

More than 300 medicinal products

  • 22 vaccines for infectious diseases
  • 35 antibiotics (including anti-TBs)
  • 14 bacteriophages
  • 9 human and animal plasma-derived products
  • more than 215 other medicinal products

Website: www.nacimbio.ru