Concern Radioelectronic Technologies

Holding company focused on electronic warfare and IFF meanstechnologies, aircrafts instruments, radio-electronic equipment systems and various measuring apparatuses






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The Radioelectronic Technologies holding was established in 2009 in order to integrate over 50 radio-electronic ventures of the country. At the end of 2012 the Supervisory Board of the Corporation came to a decision of integrating Aviation Equipment into the Radioelectronic Technologies holding. Rostec owns 100% of the holding shares. The head of the company is Nikolay Kolesov.

Radio-electronic technologies today

Concern Radioelectronic Technologies is focused on EW and IFF means State Procurement commissioning, company operational efficiency boost, new markets entering (adjacent military markets, civil demountable connector and cable product markets, cookers, metering and power control systems, communications equipment).

Holding development strategy for 2020, approved in 2011, gives special attention to defence industry complex sector capitalization, as the sector is critical for innovation-industrial development of Russian economy.

The ‘Reconstruction’ company was created within the holding in order to reduce subsidiary dependence and implement common production and technology policy. The company provides centralized development of technical retooling and equipment purchase design estimate documentation jointly with the design institute.

Some companies of the holding became non-core assets due to technological and performance inferiority. The non-core assets are to be eliminated.

‘Rostec’ expects to make Concern Radioelectronic Technologies world-class diversified civil-military structure with the capitalization of 85 billion roubles.


The ventures comprised by Radioelectronic Technologies design and produce:

•  Electronic warfare means including weapon-control systems;
•  IFF systems;
•  Radio measuring instrumentation;
•  Demountable connectors and the goods of civil purpose.

The holding company designed ‘Parol’, one of the two existing Identification Friend or Foe systems, which is employed by Russia and the CIS. The other MK-12 system is used by the USA and the NATO countries.

Demountable connectors and military-purpose cables manufacturing increase is among the promising lines of ‘Radio-electronic technologies’ development along with widening the range of civil purpose goods. One of the holding targets is entering the international market and supplying world-largest companies, including Airbus, with demountable connectors.

The holding comprises:

•  ‘Moscow Radio Technical Aparatus Plant’, FSUE, Moscow
•  Scientific Research Institute ‘Ekran’, FSUE, Samara region
•  ‘Scientific Research Institute of Special Information and Measuring Systems’, FSUE, Rostov region
•  ‘Rostov Plant Pribor’, JSC, Rostov region
•  ‘Taganrog Scientific Research Institute of Communications’, JSC, Rostov region
•  ‘Research Institute of Automatic Devices’, JSC, Novosibirsk region
•  JSC BSKB.  Bryansk region
•  'Microtechnics', JSC, Saint-Petersburg
•  'Priboy', JSC, Krasnodar region
•  ‘Ekran Samara Plant’, JSC, Samara region
•  ‘Sadko Television Plant’, JSC, Novgorod region
•  ‘Shimko Radioelectronics Scientific Development and Production Centre’, JSC, Republic of Tatarstan
•  ‘Kazan Electrotechnical Plant’, JSC, Republic of Tatarstan
•  'Automatics', JSC, Primorsky region
•  JSC ‘Kazan Institute of Computer Science and Technology’, Republic of Tatarstan
•  ‘Kazan Instrument Engineering Design Bureau’, JSC, Republic of Tatarstan
•  JSC ‘Scientific research institute of development of connectors and products of special electronics’, Republic of Tatarstan
•  OJSC ‘The Penza Computer Engineering Production Association’, Penza region
•  ‘Scientific Research Institute Electroagregat’, Kursk region
•  JSC Centre ‘Sapsan’, Moscow
•  ‘Scientific Technical Complex Lenelektronmash’, JSC, Saint-Petersburg
•  JSK ‘Institution of System Technics’, Omsk region
•  ‘Clockwork Special Design Bureau’, JSC, Moscow
•  JSC ‘Contur Industrial Enterprise’, Tomsk region
•  OJSC ‘Karachev Plant Electrodetal’, Bryansk region
•  'Elekon Plant', JSC, Republic of Tatarstan
•  ‘Kopir Plant’, JSC, Republic of Mari-El
•  JSC ‘Zavod ATLANT’, Stavropol region
•  ‘Snezhet Plant’, JSC, Bryansk region
•  ‘Ural Plant of Electric Connectors ‘ISET’, OJSC, Sverdlovsk region
•  OJSC ‘Special design office of the cable industry’, Moscow region
•  ‘Electrosoedinitel’, JSC, Republic of Tatarstan
•  OJSC ‘NNRPA n.a. M.V.Frunze’, Novgorod region
•  OSHC ‘Kursk Factory Mayak’, Kursk region
•  OJSC ‘Federal scientific and production centre ‘Institute of Electronic Measurements ‘Kvarz’ named after A.P.Gorshkov’, Novgorod region
•  ‘Special Design Bureau of Radio-Measurinf devices’, JSC, Novgorod region
•  ‘Ulyanovsk Microelectronics and Automation Centre’, State Enterprise, Ulyanovsk region
•  JSC ‘Avangard’, Saint Petersburg
•  ‘Impulse Company’, JSC, Krasnodar region
•  ‘Russia Plant Design Bureau’. JSC, Saint-Petersburg
•  JSC ‘RI-Electromeasure’, Saint Petersburg
•  JSC ‘R&DE Planeta’, Saint Petersburg
•  ОJSC ‘Company ‘RITM’, Krasnodar region
•  ‘Radium’, JSC, Chelyabinsk region
•  ‘Spurt Special Design Bureau’, JSC, Moscow
•  JSC ‘Technologicheskoye osnaschenie’, Saint Petersburg
•  JSC ‘TMAF’, Tomsk region
•  ‘Moscow Measuring Equipment Plant’, JSC, Moscow
•  JSC EST Vzlet, Astrakhan region

– And the constituents of Aviation Equipment Concern