Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies

Radio-Electronic Technologies is a holding company specializing in electronic warfare and IFF systems, aircraft instruments and avionics as well as measuring devices for various applications






Website: http://kret.com

Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies JSC (KRET) was founded in 2009 as a specialized holding company of Rostec, working in the field of radio-electronics. The company's General Director is Nikolay Kolesov.

Presently, KRET is the largest Russian holding company, which unites more than 70 enterprises engaged in radio-electronic industry. They develop and manufacture electronic warfare and intelligence, IFF systems, aircraft electronic complexes and systems, special measuring devices as well as electric connectors and cables.

The enterprises are located in 29 regions of Russia. Total number of employees is about 50,000 people.


KRET is a developer of unique electronic warfare systems: 

- Rychag-AV system

- EW systems of the Khibiny family for the Su- aircraft

- ground-based complexes of the Krasukha and Moscow families,

- multifunctional complexes Rtut-BM, etc.

The Concern has developed avionics for the leading Russian aircraft, including PAK FA, Su-35S, Ka-52 Alligator, Mi-171A2, Yak-30, MiG-29K/KUB, Il-476, Tu-204SM, and the manned Soyuz-TMA spacecraft.

The holding has the following structure:

  • Scientific Research Institute of Aircraft Equipment (SRIAE) 
  • Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics (MIEA) 
  • Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau JSC 
  • Industrial Automatics Design Bureau OJSC 
  • Experimental Design Bureau "Electroavtomatika" named after P.A.Yefimov JSC 
  • Aeropribor-Voskhod OJSC 
  • Research & Production Enterprise "Izmeritel" JSC 
  • Scientific-Production Enterprise "ElTom" JSC 
  • Ural Instrument Engineering Plant JSC 
  • Ramensky Instrument Engineering Plant JSC 
  • Tambov Elektropribor Plant PJSC 
  • Ufa Instrument Engineering Production Association JSC 
  • Aviation Instrument Manufacturing Concern OJSC 
  • Aerospace Equipment Corporation JSC
  • "Radiopribor" Alymetyevsk OJSC 
  • Concern Avionica JSC 
  • Aviapribor-Holding JSC 
  • Moscow Radio Plant Temp JSC 
  • Rychag OJSC 
  • Scientific and Production Association "Radioelectronics" named after V.I.  Shimco JSC 
  • Kazan Instrumental Design Bureau JSC 
  • Science & Production Centre "SAPSAN" OJSC 
  • Radiopribor OJSC 
  • Zhigulevsk Radio Plant JSC 
  • Scientific-Technical Center for Systems and Equipment of State Recognition OJSC 
  • Ekran Scientific Research Institute FSUE 
  • Kaluga Scientific Research and Radio Technology Institute JSC 
  • Gradient All-Russian Research Institute "Gradient" JSC 
  • Svyaz Design Bureau JSC 
  • Taganrog Scientific-Research Institute of Communication JSC 
  • Scientific Research Institute of Special Information and Measuring Systems JSC 
  • Research and Production Association "Kvant" JSC 
  • Bryansk Elektromechanical Plant JSC 
  • Kaluga Plant of Radio Technology Equipment JSC 
  • Rostov Plant "Pribor" JSC 
  • Stavropol Radioplant "Signal" PJSC 
  • Phazotron - NIIR Corporation JSC 
  • Bryansk Special Design Bureau PJSC 
  • Ryazan State Instrument-making Enterprise JSC
  • Phazotron-VMZ CJSC
  • Federal Scientific and Production Centre Institute of Electronic Measurements "Kvarz" named after A.P. Gorshkov OJSC 
  • Special Design Bureau for Radio Measuring Equipment JSC
  • Factory’s Design Bureau "Russia" JSC 
  • Nizhny Novgorod Research and Production Association named after M.V. Frunze JSC
  • Kursk Factory "Mayak" JSC 
  • Scientific Industrial Company "RITM" JSC
  • Radiy OJSC 
  • Microtechnics OJSC
  • Kazan Scientific Research Technological University of Computer Science OJSC 
  • Techpribor PJSC
  • Scientific Research Institute for the Development of Connectors and Products of Special Electronics JSC 
  • Avtomatika JSC
  • EST "Vzlet" JSC