Shvabe Holding

A holding company bringing together designers and manufacturers of optical devices






Schvabe brings together key enterprises in Russia’s optical electronics sector which develop and manufacture high-tech optoelectronic systems, military and civil systems, optical materials, medical devices and energy-saving lighting technologies. Shvabe employs about 20,000 people and is wholly owned by Rostec. The head of the company is Alexey Patrikeev.


Schvabe (formerly, research and production group Optical Systems and Technologies) was in 2008 in compliance with the government policy to reform Russia’s defence industry complex and enhance competitive ability of the Russian optoelectronic sector on the global market.

In 2010, the company established a working group which has identified the most promising areas of operation. In 2011, the company set up 10 specialised centres.  
In June 2011, the company was re-registered and moved from Moscow to Yekaterinburg. Re-branding was carried out in October 2012.


Schvabe includes 19 organizations, such as research institutes, design bureaus and research and industrial centres.

These organizations are responsible for the full cycle of design, production, marketing and maintenance of optoelectronic systems for Military Air Forces, the Army, the Navy and Special Services. Schvabe also manufactures thermal imaging modules, medical devices and a broad range of civil products.

Schvabe manufactures about 6,000 product units supplied to 83 countries.

Medical devices are supplied to 30 countries, including Switzerland, Germany and Holland. Export coverage is growing. The company started export to Kuwait and Bahrain this year. Schvabe has formed a 5-year order portfolio amounting to RUR 81 billion.  
The company continuously upgrades its production, creates high-performance jobs and introduces sophisticated management technologies. It pursues relations with potential buyers, exhibition activities and carries out marketing research.


The most advanced products include optoelectronic aircraft and naval systems, night active impulse devices for observation, surveying and fire control, night vision gear, tank fire control systems, innovative thermal imaging night vision devices and optoelectronic photo visual representation of invisible infra-red emission.

Development and production of high-tech medical equipment is an important business area of Schvabe . The company manufactures respiratory, ophthalmological and laboratory and diagnostic equipment, surgical devices and all types of neonatal devices. It was used to nurse over 2 million babies. Schvabe is Russia’s only manufacturer of all types of neonatal equipment with a 30% share of the Russian market for such devices. 

The company develops other medical equipment, in particular, defibrillator monitors, artificial respirators, ophthalmologic devices, photodiode surgery lighting systems and laser equipment to treat cancer. In particular, the Urals Optical Mechanics Plant, a core holding company, developed a multi-purpose device for inhalation anaesthesia (MAIA-01). This device provides anaesthetic support in surgical operations of any complexity degree. This class of equipment will be produced within Russia for the first time.


Company’s priority innovative projects include the design of optoelectronic system for the up-to-date Russian fighter. The company completed government testing of unique optoelectronic weapon aiming system for Ka-52.

The latest developments include the laser optical system for satellite basing “Sunny Laser”. It will convert solar energy into a laser beam which is capable to transmit such energy on Earth and convert it into electric energy.

The companies are developing a laser microscope with nanometre resolution which is unique for Russia and a thermal vision system for non-contact remote control of emotional state of a human being by analysing its heat field (such devices may be used to both identify terrorists and in personnel selection.)

Schvabe set up the Management Board and Expert Commissions for innovative development of the holding companies. Such Commissions support new projects and introduce advanced developments.

In average, the company spends 1 to 5 years to develop a new product, from idea to releasing a production sample. The company annually registers 150-170 patents, of which 5 to 9 are international.


• JSC ‘Schvabe’, Yekaterinburg
• JSC National center of laser system and complexes 'Astrophisics’ FSUE, Moscow
• JSC ‘NPO ‘Alpha’, Moscow
• VOMZ JSC, Vologda
• SPA ‘State Institute of Applied Optics’, Tatarstan
• Vavilov State Optical Institute, Saint-Petersburg
• JSC ‘Orlov ‘SDB ‘Granat’, Moscow
• JSC ‘ZOMZ’, Moscow Region
• KMZ ‘ZENIT’, Moscow Region
• JSC L-ZOS, Moscow Region
• Research and Technological Institute of optical materials all-russia scientific center S. I. Vavilov
• Production Association ‘Novosibirsk Instrument-making Plant’, Novosibirsk Region
• JSC ‘NPO ‘Optica’, Moscow
• JSC ‘NPO ‘Orion’, Moscow
• JSC ‘Polyus research institute of M.F.Stelmakh’, Moscow
• JSC «MZ ‘Sapphire’, Moscow
• OJS CDB ‘TOCHPRIBOR’, Novosibirsk Region
• JSC ‘SPC ‘UOMZ’, Sverdlovsk Region
• Central Design Bureau ‘Foton’ JSC, Tatarstan