Holding company producing cars and automotive industry components






The RT-Auto holding comprises some of the largest Russian automobile producers, including AVTOVAZ and KAMAZ. Rostec owns 100% of the RT-Auto shares. The head of the company is Sergey Anatolyevich Kogogin.

RT-Auto was established in 2010 by Rostec in order to support the Russian automotive industry. The ventures of the sector were severely distressed because of the political shocks in the 90s and the global financial crisis. Thanks to to state support and effective strategic management, AVTOVAZ and KAMAZ, which represent the livelihood for entire towns, were able to overcome the crises.


Nowadays the holding aims to help its companies modernize and manufacture new competitive goods meeting the highest international standards.


•  Light cars and components;
•  Trucks;
•  Power stations.


‘Rostec’ cooperates with the world’s largest automobile companies (Renault-Nissan and Daimler) in order to carry out its projects.

Thus the holding companies benefit from collaborations in production modernization, attracting investment attraction and gaining innovative technologies. This has resulted in an increase in production volumes and an expansion in model ranges. In 2012 AVTOVAZ launched the Lada Largus multi-purpose station wagon and also manufactured and fabricated the first Lada car equipped with automatic transmission, the Lada Granta. KAMAZ in turn plans to start the procurement of trucks meeting Euro-5 requirements by 2014.


•  JSC, RT-Auto, Moscow
•  JSC, AVTOVAZ, Samara Region
•  OJSC KAMAZ, the Republic of Tatarstan
•  J-S.C. AVTODIZEL (YaMZ), Yaroslavl region
•  J-SC “ТМР”, Yaroslavl region
•  Industrial holding Auto Components, LLC, Moscow
•  ‘NPO Elektromashina’, JSC, Chelyabinsk region, subholding incorporating:
       •  ‘Electromashina’, JSC, Chelyabinsk region
       •  JSC SDB ‘Turbina’, Chelyabinsk region