A holding company operating in machine tool industry and tool-making






website: http://www.rt-stanko.ru/

RT-Stankoprom brings together companies operative in electrical, machine-tool and fuel engineering. Russian Technology owns 100% of shares in RT-Stankoprom. The company is headed by Dmitry Evgenyevich Kosov.

History Overview

The holding company was esbalished by Russian Technologies in 2009 and reorganized into RT-Stankoprom in 2012.

The integration of industrial and research tooling and machining assets of Russian Technologies was encouraged by the need to upgrade and enhance competitive advantage of products by improving and streamlining applicable production facilities.

RT-Stankoprom Today

One primary challenge of the holding company is to develop competitive products and technological solutions and centrally promote them on the domestic and foreign markets.

RT-Stankoprom is authorized for import substitution of special-purpose equipment and tools used by Russian Technologies. The company establishes a research, development, innovation and technology Competence Center focused on selecting breakthrough solutions in technologies and new materials development, processing and application.

RT-Stankoprom will act as a system integrator to carry out technological audit and technical upgrading of Russian Technologies companies in accordance with long-term programs for innovative development.

Core operations of RT-Stankoprom:

•    electrotechnical engineering;
•    fuel and energy sector engineering; and
•    tooling and machining engineering.

The company will carry out marketing research of core markets, real estate transactions and give advice on business and management.


RT-Stankoprom manufactures the following products:

•    various robotic equipment;  
•    welding equipment;  
•    metal-working equipment;
•    washing equipment; and
•    car assembly equipment.

RT-Stankoprom carries out comprehensive research and development, innovative and technical work to develop and implement the following:

•    innovative technologies for metal and wood processing;
•    special-purpose high performance equipment; and
•    cutting, accessory, metering, fitting and assembly, abrasive and diamond tools and gear.

The holding company carries out technological audit and technological refitting of processing production of civil and defense engineering companies; and developes technologies, equipment and techniques for friction welding.


The companies that comprise the Holding:

∙  Stankoprom, JSC, Moscow

∙  Instrumental factory-Permskie Motory, JSC (Instrumental factory-PM, JSC), Perm

∙  REMOS-Permskie Motory, JSC (REMOS-PM, JSC), Perm

∙  Russian National Autogenous Cutting Technology Institute VNIIavtogenmash, JSC, Moscow


∙  All-Russia research design and an electromechanical engineering institute of technology, OJSC (VNIITI EM, OJSC), St. Petersburg

∙ Scientific-research institute for natural, synthetic diamonds and tools, JSC (VNIIALMAZ, JSC), Moscow

∙ Omsk experimental industrial factory «Neftehimautomatika», JSC (Neftehimautomatika, JSC), Omsk

∙ Ulianovskiy Scientific-Searching Institute of Aviation Technology and Production Organization, JSC (NIAT J.Comp., JSC), Ulyanovsk

∙ Design-technological research institute «MIKRON», JSC (NIPTI MICRON, JSC), Vladimir

∙ RT-Stankoprom, OJSC, Moscow

∙ Foreign Trade Enterprise «Stankoimport», LLC (STANKOIMPORT FTE, LLC), Moscow

∙  Industrial Coating Company, LLC (ZIP, LLC ),  Togliatti

∙  Savelovo machine-building plant, LLC (SMZ, LLC), Kimry

∙  Stankoengineering, LLC, Moscow