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The holding company RT-Chemcomposite is a leader in the Russian industry for polymeric composite materials (PCM). In creating new materials, unique designs, and technologies, the holding produces high-tech products for aerospace, aviation, energy, and land- and water-based transport industries. The head of the company is Kirill Yulyevich Shubsky.

RT-Chemcomposite today

By combining Russia’s strategically important enterprises and research centers, the holding company can carry out a complete production cycle, from the creation of the basic to mass-produced components from PCM, as well as the design and development of industrial technology organometallic compounds and special- and general-purpose materials. Almost half a century of successful experience with composites has enabled the holding to begin working on components for the future, medium-distance MS-21 aircraft.

Within the framework of a Union program, Russia and Belarus developed fibers of an ultrahigh molecular weight of polyethylene with competitive performance for the production of new high-strength, ultra-light PCM.

RT-Chemcomposite is one of the leading innovative holding companies in Russia and has been designated as a Rostec competence center for composite materials and structures.

Development and innovation

The scientific potential of RT-Chemcomposite has enabled the creation and completion of a number of advanced developments, including:

• large-scale PCM structures for the aviation and space industries

Large carbon-fiber shell nose cones, compartment levels, fairings, parts of instruments for the Proton-M, Rokot, and Angara rockets. Materials for next-generation rockets and spaceships must meet high requirements for strength, durability, and resistance to temperature extremes.

Through the use of carbon fiber, the holding’s specialists significantly reduced the overall weight of the spacecraft.

• high-strength synthetic fibers (filaments and polymer fiber, surgical materials, protective fiber)

Threads with an ultrahigh molecular weight of polyethylene are used create ultra-light composite materials that combine high mechanical properties and resistance to impact.

Biodegradable polymers based on lactic acid for further processing and development of household and medical products.

The surgical filament, which has high strength, elasticity, and an anti-microbial effect, can degrade and be resorbed into the body from a year to a year and a half.

In cooperation with Gosznak, fibers are being produced to protect valuable documents and other printed items from counterfeiting.

• Construction of functional ceramics

• Special glass

The holding has unique experience in the production and processing of glass and glassware. The company produced the sarcophagus of V. I. Lenin, applying the unique technology of an “optical wedge” that guarantees visibility of an object without distortion from anywhere in the room.

To protect aircrews from the harmful external factors, a glaze with a multifunctional nanoscale coating for new combat aircraft was created. Although the coating is approximately 80-90 nm thick, it reduces electromagnetic radiation by 250 times and decreases radar visibility by 40-60%.

• Production of low-tonnage chemistry

The holding company has developed technolgoeis used to produce a wide range of products, including main and fine organic and inorganic syntheses, such as caustic soda, chlorine-based products, synthetic resins, solvents, flame-retardants, crop protection chemicals, boron and its compounds, and more.

In addition, RT-Chemcomposite’s leading enterprise, Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise Technologiya, in cooperation with Lavochkin Science and Production Association, has created an entirely new system of thermal control for spacecraft, including thermal honeycomb heat structures with thermo-coating. Spektr-R, Spektr-RG, Elektro, Luna Globe, Luna Resource, KazSat, Kanopus V, EKS, Resonance, MKA FKI, and other spacecraft currently use the thermal control panel created by the Obinsk enterprise. The know-how of experts has enabled a reduction in the weight of satellites and a significant increase their service life.

The holding has begun production of some high-tech components for the medium-haul MS-21 aircraft, such as an integrated stringer panel for the wing box and a tail stabilizer with improved load-bearing capacity.

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The holding company includes:

  • Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise Technologiya, OJSC, Kaluga region
  • Moscow Experimental Machine-Building Plant – Composite Technologies, JSC
    MEMP – CT, JSC, Moscow
  • State Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Organoelement Compounds, FSUE SSC (GNIIChTEOS, FSUE SSC), Moscow
  • Research Institute of Synthetic Fiber with the Pilot Plant, JSC (VNIISV, JSC), Tver region
  • The Eastern Research and Development Institute of Coal Chemistry, JSC
    VUKHIN, JSC, Yekaterinburg
  • Urals Scientific Research Institute of Chemistry with Experiment Plant, JSC, Yekaterinburg
  • All-Russian Vologdin Research Institute of High-frequency Currents, FSUE
    VNIITVCh, FSUE, St. Petersburg
  • Institute of Technical Glass, JSC (ITG, JSC), Moscow
  • Volgogradkhimreaktiv, JSC, Volgograd region
  • Orgminudobreniya, JSC (Orgmin, JSC), Moscow region
  • Chem Trade, LLC, Moscow