High Precision Systems (“Vysokotochnye Kompleksy”)

Holding engaged in developing and producing high-precision weapons, parts and components






Through innovation and technical modernization the holding Vysokotochnye Kompleksy aims to continue manufacturing effective high precision military equipment. The company employs 20 thousand people. Rostec owes 100% shares of the JSC NPO Vysokotochnye kompleksy. The head of the company is Aleksandr Vladimirovich Denisov.


NPO Vysokotochnye Kompleksy was established on 11January, 2009, in accordance with the state programme of reforming the Russian defence industry and following the  order of  Rostec CEO. At the end of 2012 the Supervisory Board of the Corporation came to a decision of integrating KB Mashinostroyeniya into the Vysokotochnye Kompleksy holding.


The holding develops high-accuracy weapon systems and is a fully integrated  venture for manufacturing military equipment – from initial ideas and design through to sales.  Its produce competes well and at times exceeds the quality of its foreign analogues. 


The Holding’s companies manufacture short range air defence and surface-to-air missile systems, shipboard anti-aircraft missile and artillery system, anti-tank guided weapon. Besides, holding develops and upgrades assault and guided artillery equipment systems, optronic surveillance facilities, target acquisition aids, fire control systems, rocket flame-throwers, hand-held and automatic grenade launchers, as well as infantry combat, service and civilian weapons.


Most prospective military developments are:

•    Drozd-2 tank active protection system, which increases protection level manifold.
•    Kashtan air defense missile and gun system designed for ship and immovable objects defence from airplanes and helicopters in short-range area and near ground level. It is used for stealth water-borne target defeat.

Along with military equipment production Vysokotochnye Kompleksy manufactures sports and hunting weapon, weather and geodesic equipment and other civil-purpose goods.


• JSC ‘NPO ‘Vysokotochnye kompleksy’, Moscow
• KBP, Tula Region
• ‘Nudelman KBTochmash’ JSC, Moscow
• ‘Rotor’ JSC, Vologda Region
• JSC ‘Safonovsky plant ‘Hydrometpribor’, Smolensk Region
• JSC ‘Sheglovsky val’, Tula Region
• JSC «Tulamashzavod», Tula Region
• ‘Tula Ordnance Plant’ JSC, Tula Region
• J-SC ‘TCW’, Tula Region
• ‘Tulatochmash’ JSC, Tula Region

– And the constituents of KB Mashinostroyeniya