A holding company involved in aviation units, power supply systems and parachute systems








The holding company operates in the area of development, production and after sale maintenance of aircraft systems and units. Technodinamika is headed by Igor 

Technodinamika was established in 2009 upon decision of Russian Technologies and includes 36 companies. Prior to creating Aircraft Equipment Group, each company was guided by its own development strategy which hindered the development of the sector.


By bringing together domestic device-building companies in one holding company, Russian Technologies launched an innovative policy of the sector development. Today, the company is implementing a series of projects which will integrate Technodinamika into international aircraft engineering industry and make it a reliable partner for the leading aircraft industry companies. Technodinamika employs over 30,000 people.

Research and development work is crucial for the company’s growth. Its entities, design bureaus and research institutes invest significant funds to boost innovation, research and development.

In the short term Technodinamika aims to move from designing specific components to manufacturing whole finished systems, such as landing gear, power supply, oxygen supply and hydraulic systems. The company plans to become an integrator of nine systems by 2015 – landing gear, rescue equipment, parachutes and landing platforms, launchers, escape facilities, ground facilities, power supply systems, oxygen systems and auxiliary power units. By 2020, the company will add engine start systems and booster power plant, lighting facilities and hydraulic systems.


Plants and industrial associations of the holding company focus on the development and production of units, devices and systems in eight core areas:
•    units and engine control systems;  
•    life support systems and emergency systems;
•    control systems and executive devices;
•    hydraulic and fuel systems;  
•    power supply systems and switch gear;  
•    auxiliary power systems;  
•    service and maintenance equipment for airports; and
•    alighting gear.

The company is a supplier and a service centre for maintenance and repairs of aircraft equipment.

Civil products account for 30% share of total of 3,000 product names produced by the Group.

Company’s products are installed on all Russian-made aircrafts, such as Tu-204/214, Il-114, An-148, Tu-154, Il-96, Yak-42; transport aircrafts, such as Il-76, An-124, Be-200, Tu-204C and helicopters Mi-8/17, Ka-27/29/31, Ka-26, Mi-26, Mi-34, Ka-226, Ansat and Mi-38.

Company’s main customers include United Aircraft Corporation, Russian Helicopters, Sukhoi, United Engine Corporation and many Russian airlines, such as Aeroflot, Sibir, UTair, Russia and Transaero.


• JSC ‘Concern of Aviation equipment’, Moscow
• ‘АКB YАКОR JSC’, Moscow
• JSC ‘MBP ‘Mayak’, Moscow
• JSC ‘PCP ‘RESPIRATOR’, Moscow Region
• JSC ‘2 MPZ’, Moscow
• JSC  ‘MZEM’, Moscow
• MPO-Rumyantsev JSC, Moscow
• MEP «Znamya» JSC, Moscow
• ‘Rassvet MMZ’ JSC, Moscow
• JSC ‘GIPROAVIAPROM’, Ulyanovsk Region
• ‘NPO ‘Molniya’ JSC, Moscow
• ‘Kristall SRI’ JSC, Moscow
• RD and PE ‘ZVEZDA’ JSC, Moscow Region
• JSC ‘Ufa Aggregate Enterprise ‘GIDRAVLIKA’, Bashkortostan
• OJSC ‘Ufa Scientific and Production Enterprise ‘Molniya’, Bashkortostan
• ‘Ufaaviaproject’ JSC, Bashkortostan
• ‘Aviaagregat’ JSC, Samara Region
• ‘Gidroavtomatika’ JSC, Samara Region
• ‘Povolzhsky Research institute of Aviation Engine Technologies’, Samara Region
• ‘Agregat’ JSC Samara Region
• JSC ‘OEDB’, Omsk Region
• ‘Gidroagregat’ JSC, Nizhny Novgorod Region
• ‘VELCONT’ JSC, Kirov Region
• ‘Electroprivod’ JSC
• ‘Sarapul Electrogenerator Plant’ JSC, Udmurt Republic
• ‘Electroavtomat’ JSC, Chuvash Republic
• Kotlas Electromechanical plant, Arkhangelsk Region
• JSC ‘Scientific industrial enterprise ‘Start’, Sverdlovsk Region
• JSC ‘SDBTE’, Krasnodar Territory
• ‘Irkutsk SRI of Aviation Technology and Production Management’, Irkutsk Region
• ‘Zvuk’ material-technical supply JSC, Sverdlovsk Region
• ‘State Design and Engineering SRI of Aviation Industry’, Moscow
• JSC ‘UAPO’, Bashkortostan
• ‘Leningrad Sever Plant’ JSC, Saint-Petersburg
• ‘SPA of Parachute constructing’ JSC comprising:
    – ‘SRI of Parachute constructing’ FSUE, Moscow
    – ‘Universal Moscow Design and Production Centre’, Moscow
    – ‘Clothing Materials SRI’ JSC, Moscow
    – ‘SMZ’ JSC, Moscow Region