RT Global Resources

A corporate competency centre for planning, supporting and managing raw materials and infrastructure projects






The company was created in order to carry out projects involving raw materials and infrastructure development in Russia and abroad. State Corporation Rostec holds a 100% stake in RT Global Resources. The director is Andrei Korobov.


In December 2012,  when Rostec was taking part in a series of large-scale international raw materials projects, it decided to set up RT Global Resources, a corporate competency centre dealing with the project planning, support and management. .  

RT Global Resources follows Rostec’s strategy to achieve maximum value and increase the capitalisation of its commercial raw materials projects and supporting infrastructure ventures..


•    Preparation and development of international raw materials projects
•    Implementation of a  ‘package’ approach through linking the access to deposits with the export deliveries  of Rostec’s and its partners’ end products as well as with technology transfers
•    Ensure the dynamic growth of Russian raw materials projects by the corporation, and attract funding from extra budgetary resources.
•    Participation in infrastructure, service and logistics projects to support the raw materials industry, using innovative technologies and equipment produced by Rostec companies.


As Russia accounts for only about two percent of worldwide production of rare earth metals (REM), the Russian high-tech industry must be protected from conjuncture changes on the REM world market.. With this goal  “RT Global Resources” is taking part  in a joint venture with ICT group ( “RT Global Resources” has a twenty-five percent plus one share stake in ICT Group). Over the course of three years, the total partner investments in these projects will sum up to circa one billion dollars, of which 40% will come from private funds, and the remaining  $600 million will be financed by a loan..

Rostec and IST plan to develop the following projects:

•  Utilise monazite deposits in the Krasnofimsk region, which holds large amounts of rare earth materials
•  Construction of a hydrometallurgical plant

It is estimated that by 2020 the demand for rare earth materials in Russia will reach five to seven thousand tons per year, although more optimistic projections suggest the yearly demand could grow up to thirteen thousand tons.