Center of Competence in the field of regulated procurement





Web-site: www.rt-ci.ru

For systematizing and regulating procurements made by the holding companies (integrated structures) and the entities of the Rostec State-Corporation as well as for increasing procurement efficiency, by the decision of the Corporation No. РТ1700/5-266 dated May 15, 2010, RT-Komplektimpex LLC was founded as a specialized infrastructural branch organization with competence in procurement. Rostec's share in the company's charter capital is 100%. Vasily Rak runs the company.

The main activities of RT-Komplektimpex LLC are:

- analysis and monitoring of the procurements made by the entities of Rostec State-Corporation;

-administrative, methodological and technical support of the procurements made by Corporation entities, such as analyzing and checking the procurement documents, consulting on the application of current legislation for regulated procurement and the Corporation's statutory regulations;

- assistance in preparing and performing regulated procurement procedures in the interests of the Corporation and its entities, including development and official publication of the information on procurements carried out;

- training employees of the Corporation entities, including programs of additional professional education, by holding workshops, conferences, hands on trainings, business games.