RT-Construction technologies

Elimination of Rostec non-core assets (real estate, shares)







WEBSITE: http://www.stroytech-rt.ru

‘RT-Construction technologies’ is a Prominvest constituent and a single-purpose company focusing on Rostec real estate. Maria Chernyakova is the Head of the company.


JSC ‘RT-Construction technologies’ was established in 2009 in order to implement effective management of Rostec real estate objects. The company sells non-core assets and estimates the prospects of the development of industrial territories and manages challenging financial positions of companies’ assets.


• Agency services on selling/leasing Rostec real estate
    • Organizing bargaining in accordance with Rostec regulations;
    • Reserved prices lifting due to right object positioning;
    • Lifting sales prices thanks to negotiating and attracting purchasers.

• Investment-construction (developer) projects implementation:
    •Investment offers;
    •Attracting onvestors;
    •Arranging pre-project construction monitoring;
    •Developing, technically coordinating and implementating of investment projects

• Strategic consulting in real estate management.
• Improving the difficult financial positions of organizations.